The Future at FC Sudamerica

A New Take on Youth Player Development

Our Vision

A world class soccer and futsal youth academy with an exciting hybrid schooling platform and soccer culture at its core.

Our Youth Academy

The first academy of its class designed to specialize in player development while integrating a flexible schooling schedule.

Futsal Club

Home of the most advanced futsal program in the country, Sudamerica Futsal. A year-round competitive futsal experience with unique player pathways.

Home Away from Home

Designed to be a home away from home for players and families by
 providing an environment that inspires growth, comfort, and excellence.

Announcement Presentation

“A Brave Future” presentation by Richard Ortega, Executive Director, and Rudi Pires, Senior Academy Director.

BGA Presentation

Brave Generation Academy presentation by Founder and CEO, Tim Vieira.

Storytelling by Rogue FC

Rogue FC Founder and CEO, Shane Scott, shares his creative vision to tell the FC Sudamerica and Sudamerica Futsal story.

Brave Generation Academy

A revolutionized way to learn where kids have a flexible schedule to learn to be independent thinkers in the rapidly changing world while truly discovering their passions.

Ready to be Brave? Ready to be a Difference Maker?

We want our community to be at the heart of our Brave Future. Get in touch with us today to be a part of this amazing project!