• Competitive Environment
• High Focus on Technical Development
• Introduction to Specific Game Tactics
• Development of Decision Making


• Born in 2015 – U8 Age Group
• Born in 2014 – U9 Age Group
• Born in 2013 – U10 Age Group
• Born in 2012 – U11 Age Group
• Born in 2011 – U12 Age Group


• Pool Training
• Pool 1: 2 Training Sessions per Week
• Pool 2: 2 Training Sessions per Week
• Extra Training Incorporated as Needed
• Professional Coaching and Mentoring


• Individual or Pool Team Training
• First Team: 3 Training Sessions per Week
• Dev Team: 2 Training Sessions per Week
• Extra Training Incorporated as Needed
• Professional Coaching and Mentoring


U9-U10 teams play 7v7 format both home and *away.

U11-U12 teams play 9v9 format both home and *away.

*Travel can be up to 1 hour from FC Sudamerica’s home fields.


Teams are separated into boys and girls teams. A singular girl can play on a boys team. A singular boy cannot play on a girls team.

U9-U12 participation is a 1 year commitment which includes 1 fall season and 1 spring season.
First Team and Development (Dev) Team. Team levels are determined during/after tryouts.
Players can be moved up or down, depending on their ability level, performance, and commitment level.

Each team is required to participate in at least 1 pre-season and 1 post-season tournament. Tournament fees are separate and handled internally by each Team Manager. Please visit our tournaments page for more details.

Playing time is determined by performance, ability, effort and commitment, both at training and in games. This is a coaching staff decision.
Players are expected to attend every training session and every game. If a player cannot attend, the coach and team manager must be notified with as much advance notice as possible.
Please visit our uniforms page for more information.
Our policy prohibits staff members from communicating specific information about a child or team to any individual not listed in the child’s registration information.
FC Sudamerica has written codes of conduct for players and parents. View club guidelines page for more information.