March 10, 2021 

Unraveling the National League PRO Announcement | GPL | State Cup

As we unravel the announcements this week from US Youth Soccer regarding the National League Pathway to Nationals and its impact on Georgia Teams, the below information and points should help simplify where we all fit and the pathways.

As you read below, know that this is only available for Georgia Soccer Clubs & Teams. There are 2437 Teams in Georgia from National League, GPL, Athena, Classic, Rias to Recreation Leagues. The below pathways simplify how Georgia Soccer member clubs can access the National Championships. It is not accessible via US Club (SCCL).

How to Get to the National Championships Series (NCS)?

The NCS will be comprised of the Regional Champions (4) and the National League P.R.O representatives (12) for 14U-19U. There are two pathways from Georgia Soccer.

  1. League Pathway to National Championships U14-U19There are several ways to get into the National League Conference (N.L) onto National League P.R.O and onto the National Championships (see the graphic below).
    1. Georgia Soccer teams play in the National League Piedmont Conference (Georgia, SC & NC). You get to Piedmont Conference by….
      1. Winning State Cup
      2. Promoted from Georgia Premier League (GPL)
      3. Qualification Playoffs (click to read more criteria)
      4. Currently in the National League Piedmont Conference and finished top 4.
  2.  State Cup to Regional Championships to National Championships
    1. State Cup champions go to Regional Championships. Our Region is the South Region.
    2. State Cup competition is open to the teams of any member in good standing of Georgia Soccer. You must have played 4 team approved league games (i.e. NL, GPL, Classic/Athena).
    3. Not available to US Club teams (SCCL).


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Georgia Soccer is the only authorized state youth association for Georgia within the United States Youth Soccer Association, and through them is part of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).