June 15, 2020

Introducing Veo at FC Sudamerica

We are proud to announce our partnership with Veo (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Bright LED Fixtures (Canton, GA). FC Sudamerica is the first soccer club in the state of Georgia to implement AI 4K video filming and analysis for all Academy and Select teams. The implementation is now part of our standard club offerings.
“Every single player at FC Sudamerica, regardless of their level of play, deserves the opportunity to learn beyond the action on the field. This incredible AI system will ensure that players continue to learn without the distraction of a cameraman. Our multiple Veo camera system is for every player at every age group. It’s all about teaching the game to our players and maximizing their development.” -Richard Ortega, FC Sudamerica Director of Coaching.
The high quality Veo footage will also allow players to create their own soccer highlights to maximize college exposure and recruitment. By combining the Veo state-of-the-art software with our exclusive Sudamerica Connect platform, players will learn so much more in a single season.
“The focus must remain on the players and on the beautiful game. By offering meaningful learning tools to compliment our weekly training activities, we will develop higher player IQ, better awareness, creativity, and so much more. We love the unique and refreshing approach at FC Sudamerica as we look forward to taking good care of every player in our development club. Our ultimate goal is to keep up with the demanding European and South American standards.”, added Rudi Pires, Director of Development.
FC Sudamerica will begin implementing game film and analysis in fall 2020.
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